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Residential Complex | Cameras Rochdale Camera Package


Furnished and installed the following:
HX – 8 channel T-DVR capable of up to 10 cameras with 2-TB memory. Includes a 4 channel PoE switch.
1 Wall mounted DVR locked box
1 UPS back up power supply.
4 HX IP 1.3mp 2.8mm network Dome Camera in white.
1 T-DVR at the old storage room
Ran wires in pipes to the new storage space camera locations.
Installed 4 new cameras in the new storage room per general camera locations and room specs.
Integrated the existing room cameras on the new T-DVR.
Programmed the system for local recording and provided training.


Location: Queens, New York, Property built by the United Housing Foundation and has a rich history. Looked to install a new camera system in their lower level and Paragon was happy to service them.


4 new Ip cameras

4 channel hybrid NVR

Lock box with fans

Lock box power supply


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