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In 1988, following the American dream, the founders came from Jerusalem on a trip to New York City, and found work in the locksmith business.

And quickly there after went on to open Paragon Locksmith first location at 86 Christopher Street in the west village and as the opportunity arise purchased the established University Locksmith in Greenwich Village.

The company began providing locksmith services in Manhattan, gradually growing it customer base when in 1994 with the addition of the third partner, they went to expand and purchased 2 more locksmith companies at midtown east 845 2nd Avenue and Tribeca 148 Church Street, to establish their brand among the leading companies in NYC locksmith industry.

With their entrepreneurial and innovative approach the partners went on to open additional locations and add to the locksmith an electronic security systems department to accommodate the market demands and evolving needs of their customers.

Today Paragon Security reputation has grown beyond NYC to provide complete security solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout New York City five boroughs and beyond.

Their local retail locations now known as Basics Plus hardware and housewares host Paragon Locksmith service center in every location and Paragon Security headquarters now located at:
24 West 8th Street NY, NY 10003.

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    Emergency Service

    Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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