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Cloud-Hosted Security Systems

Cloud-Hosted Security Systems

Cloud-hosted security systems are becoming the industry standard as we try to steer away from hardware on job sites and provide better notifications and connectivity to the Access control, Intercom, Security Cameras and Smart locks systems. Often referred to as “the cloud,” these systems utilize a network of hosted servers to store, manage, control and process data. When you access an application on your phone, for example, you’re using cloud-hosted systems.

Through cloud-hosted systems we can provide building managers, residents and all users real-time access to security systems and provide functionality-monitoring to all our cloud-based installed devices from our offices.

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Cloud Based Security

Cloud Based Security

Paragon Security and Locksmith designed and installed a comprehensive cloud-based security solution for a newly constructed 16 unit multifamily elevator building in Jersey City. The system includes Latch access control for all common areas and residential doors, Latch intercom, and the Latch Delivery Assistant with cloud based camera system.

Latch is a full-building operating system, which brings tenants convenience and flexibility and gives management the ability to control all access from a single platform and provide better connectivity for management and real time access to residents and visitors.

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