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Door Repair

Door Repair

As part of our comprehensive door repair services, our skilled technicians are fully equipped to handle all types of door repairs or replacement. Secure doors provide essential protection against unauthorized entry and are crucial to keep properly maintained. Paragon Security can install door gates and security bars which are typically securely fastened to the structure using bolts and screws and might require repair or replacement because of wear and tear or other factors.

Paragon Security proudly serves customers throughout New York, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and in New Jersey including Jersey City, Hoboken, and Weehawken.

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Common Door Issues Requiring Repairs

Common Door Issues Requiring Repairs

Broken Locks: Faulty locks compromise security, risking unauthorized entry.

Worn Hinges: Over time, hinges can misalign, causing sagging, scraping, or improper closure.

Shattered Glass: Door glass damage compromises safety and aesthetics.

Sticky Doors: Jamming doors disrupt traffic and frustrate occupants.

Weather Damage: Extreme conditions warp, swell, and deteriorate doors.

Safety Compliance: Maintaining code adherence helps avoid legal issues and ensure occupant safety.


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