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Door Lock Types

Locks are installed to maintain safety and security for your business, your personal possessions, and most importantly the people you care about. And what better way to secure your home or office than with a high security lock (link). The problem is, there are so many different types of locks available, how do you determine the right type of locking system for your building? You can count on the Paragon Security team for expert advice, but here’s an overview of the most popular types of door mechanisms and locks to help you make the best decision.

Padlocks are widely used around the house because they are portable, affordable and easy to install. They consist of a u-shaped shackle that latches to items together. Padlocks either have a key or a combination to open and close them.

Dead Bolt locks are commonly used as an added security feature for both residential and commercial doors. They are activated by turning a spring that puts a bar into a mortise in the door. Dead bolts are made as either single cylinder or double cylinder. Single cylinder requires a key on one side and has a knob for the inside of the door; and double cylinder requires a key on either side.

Dummy Knob locks are used for decorative purposes. They do not have any mechanical latch mechanism, and are only used to pull the door open or push it shot.

Passage Locksets are interior door knobs that cannot be locked from either side, so they are used on closets and pass-through doorways

Privacy Locksets allow you to lock one side of the door, usually with a push button or small turning knob. They are commonly used in the interior of a home on bedroom or bathroom doors.

Entry Locksets are used inside a home or commercial building. They can only be locked from the outside upon exiting the room.

Surface-mounted Deadbolt locks have most of the mechanism attached to the interior of a door and contain either a vertical or horizontal deadbolt.

Mortise Locks require a hole cut into the door where a bolt or lock is fitted. Dead bolts are examples of mortise locks.

Night Latch doors can be opened from the inside by turning a lever or a knob. The door can be closed simply by pushing it into the frame without having to turn the knob.

Keyless Entry System refers to systems that use electronic locks, which can be activated in various manners such as touchscreens, buttons, and smart keys.

Handlesets are door hardware that have a handle and a button to unlock or unlatch a door instead of a turning knob.


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