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4 Tips for Summer Home Security

Summer time brings heat, longer days, and fun vacations out in the sun. While you’re out enjoying the weather, however, burglars often prioritize the summer months to strike on residential buildings. No one wants to come back from a day at the beach or a long trip away to learn that their property has been […]

Benefits of Commercial Biometric Access Control: Examples and Solutions

Commercial biometric access control systems offer unique benefits, like heightened security and ease-of-use. These systems rely on personal biological traits, which are hard to forge, thus making them more secure than traditional methods. Besides, employees need not worry about forgetting passwords or carrying keys around. This not only simplifies entry and exit but also boosts […]

Paragon Security Leads NYC in Cutting Edge Design for New Developments

Before even breaking ground on a new development, project managers spend months developing the perfect design for their building and the perfect team to execute this plan. From the foundation to the kitchen backsplash to the security cameras in each hall, every step of the way is meticulously planned by a wide team of experts […]

The Importance of a Commercial Security System in NYC: Protect Your Business

In New York City, securing your business isn’t a luxury, it’s a must. Commercial security systems provide you with essential protection and can vastly deter such threats. Surprisingly enough, it’s not only about safeguarding assets but also about compliance. Local laws in NYC have put specific requirements for commercial properties to have security measures like […]

Paragon Security Makes Property Management Easy

Reduce management headaches with a custom security system built to your needs. Managing NYC properties can be a stressful task. Here at Paragon Security, we pride ourselves on designing and installing custom security solutions that keep tenants safe and alleviate stress on property managers. Through our wide range of security cameras, access control readers, keyless […]

The Importance of High Security Locks & Doors for Your NYC Business

Why Your NYC Business Needs High Security Locks & Doors If you own a business in NYC, high-security locks and high-security doors aren’t just nice to have—they’re vital. The city’s bustle, while invigorating, can also invite unwanted risk. These high-security measures are designed to resist common break-in attempts like lock picking or drilling. But here’s […]

Child Proofing Window Guards in NYC: Ensuring Safety for Your Children

Your children’s safety in NYC homes greatly relies on the use of window guards. As the city’s laws demand, any residential area with a child ten years old or younger is required to have installed window guards, a preventive measure that effectively lessens the risk of accidents from falls. However, not just any guards – […]

Paragon Awarded Top Integrator Award of 2023 by Comelit

  Paragon Security is proud to be named the top integrator of Comelit intercoms in the United States for 2023. Through our partnership with Comelit, our teams continue to build and install custom security systems across the New York City area with a focus on tenant experience and optimal building management capabilities. We’re excited to […]

NYC Commercial and Individual Security & Crime Statistics

In recent years, New York City has seen an increase in theft-related crimes, specifically in the retail and residential sectors. Shoplifting complaints have steadily risen since 2018, with a notable 44% increase from 2021 to 2022. However, there has been a slight decrease in shoplifting cases in 2023, with thefts of over $1,000 showing an […]

Connecting to a Smarter Life with an ABB Intercom Upgrade

Connecting to a smarter life is essential these days, especially when it comes to access control and multi-residential buildings. To keep pace with modern technology and remain secure, old analog wired systems are being replaced with systems with smart app functionality and features. At Paragon, we’re seeing a high demand to replace ABB monitors to […]

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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