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Paragon Security and Locksmith is New York City’s #1 locksmith and security firm for safe services. We offer safe installation, safe sales, safe repair, safe opening, safe lockout help, and other locksmith services. With more than 28 years of experience in New York, Paragon is a proven choice for affordable and trusted safe locksmith services.

For home, small electronic safes are affordable, easy to use, and help keep cash, jewelry and important documents safe from theft and fire. Or for a business, a drop-safe could be useful for employees to easily deposit items without safe access. Whatever Your need is, Paragon Security and Locksmith is ready to provide what you need.

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When Would I Need a Safe?

When Would I Need a Safe?

In commercial settings, businesses from retail shops to restaurants benefit from using secure and modern safes to keep data, documents, cash and other valuables protected from loss. For example, restaurants will use depository or “drop safes”, to allow employees working in shifts to drop money and other documents for the manager to review and collect. Almost all hotel rooms also include a small safe in each room, to protect guests from theft and limit liability. Many offices will use safes to keep confidential data and valuable customer information.

We offer home digital safes, hotel safes, depository safes, fire proof safes, gun safes, data and media safes, wall safes and more.

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