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Hotel Security Systems and Services

Hotel Security Systems and Services

The hospitality industry has unique needs in terms of security, accessibility and safety. Paragon Security works with hospitality customers to design security and systems integrations per the Hotel brand and customer management. Our design team works with hotel solution brands such as Dormakaba, Vingcard, Honeywell, Incomm and Sonifi, to plan and build the integration of reservations to reception software, integrated with the room smart locks access control, thermostat, light system, sensors, sound and TV, all over our structure network wiring and customized WiFi network.

Hotels comfort and travel experience hotels provide, Paragon provides security and safety. 

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Case Study

Case Study

In this project, Paragon Security designed and installed a comprehensive low voltage wiring plan & security system for the 120-unit Riverside Tower Hotel. The client was looking for an intelligent system built with guests in mind, particularly focusing on guest experience, amenities, & safety. Guest comfort is at the forefront of our design. That was achieved through intelligent installations across common spaces and units, such as Ubiquiti Wi-Fi service, TVs, INNCOM thermostats, and hidden Episode speakers. Our locksmiths installed Dormakaba Saffire LX smart locks and Hikvision security cameras throughout the building, ensuring security for guests and staff.

Case Study

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