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Hoboken Locksmith

If you need a locksmith in Hoboken, contact us today. Security is vital for your apartment, office or home, and ensuring your get the locks and security systems you need is our goal.

We provide free estimates and a diverse service portfolio to help you protect your Hoboken property and valuables as effectively as possible.

Emergency Locksmith Services In Hoboken, NJ

It can be awful getting stuck outside our apartment or house with a broken key or a damaged lock. And these things always seem to happen when you least expect them, in the middle of the night, on holidays or weekends.

But don’t worry, you can always rely on Paragon Security 24/7 emergency locksmith services in Hoboken to arrive promptly to your location at any time or day and provide you with the most professional, quickest and fair priced emergency locksmith services. Call us at any time – We are on the way!

Hoboken Car Locksmith and Lockout Services

We provide 24/7 emergency lockout service for cars and trucks. Our skilled technicians will be dispatched to get your vehicle opened quickly. Contact us if you need a Hoboken, NJ car locksmith today.

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Hoboken is between Weehawken and Union City to the north and Jersey City (the county seat) to the south. Directly across the Hudson River from it are the Manhattan, NYC neighborhoods of the West Village and Chelsea. Hoboken has 48 streets laid out in a grid.

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    Emergency Service

    Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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