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Train operators learn value of security cameras

According to a new report in the Staten Island Advance, the train ride to Staten Island, New York, is set to become significantly safer in the coming months, on the heels of successful arrests made based on footage from the line's one existing set of security cameras.

Delayed program comes back to life

The news provider reported that a full set of cameras along the rail line has been a long time coming. In fact, the first plans were laid over three years ago. The project was meant to be done by 2009, with a full set of surveillance cameras at each stop. As of now, only one station, Old Town, has a full complement of cameras in place. Issues with suppliers have kept the council from finishing the project. The work has gained recent momentum, however, as the Old Town setup has proved its worth.

"In an ideal world, we wouldn't need this," Councilman James Oddo told the source. "The reality is, there aren't enough police officers in precincts in the borough, or in the department. This technology is a vital part of keeping Staten Islanders safe."

As the Advance reported, the Old Town camera has already helped solve two robberies. In 2008, footage from the system helped bring a purse snatcher to justice. A further July 1st incident, according to the source, finally highlighted the need to expand protection to the rest of the lines. The July mugger ended up shooting his victim in the ear but surrendered to the authorities when he found that his picture was circulating.

Municipal security

Surveillance cameras have become widespread, protecting numerous locations from a long list of crimes. According to the Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, Indiana has recently committed to a refresh of its own systems. While the city has been overseen by fixed-position cameras for over a decade, officials have decided to replace them with models that can pan, tilt or zoom in on subjects.

The impetus that spurred a new camera position in Indianapolis, according to the Star, was significantly less violent than the Staten Island mugging. The city's department of memorials has resolved to add a new camera to the site of the USS Indianapolis monument. A vandal, who has not been caught, decided to smear the shape of a hand brandishing its middle finger on the site of the memorial. The defacers medium of choice – barbecue sauce.

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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