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The new Siedle Scope

Siedle, the leading manufacturer of building communication technology, has taken its state-of-the-art products to a whole new level: by upgrading its mobile video intercom – Siedle Scope – and adding new app for its In-Home bus, Siedle has combined the advantages of both technologies, thereby enlarging the application spectrum and functionality of the mobile video intercom.

The only mobile video call station to operate on a DECT basis and at the same time function as a cordless landline phone, Siedle Scope now presents a groundbreaking combination of mobile video door communication with the new In-Home bus app, bringing together the benefits of DECT with mobile applications. With its audio quality, fault susceptibility, standby time and availability, DECT technology is superior to WiFi or mobile phone applications. At the same time, being popular, user-friendly devices, mobile applications make perfect sense when it comes to video intercoms.

With improved performance and functionality, Siedle Scope includes the following new features:

  • Repeaters which increase range, a necessity in complex building environments. Up to six repeaters can be operated simultaneously, significantly amplifying the radio signal if required.
  • Improved video memory and video quality: thanks to the more efficient use of the DECT standard, this cutting-edge technology transfers more data and optimizes the depiction and resolution of the real-time video image. The upgraded video memory can manage up to 50 photos.
  • New user interface: The start screen supplies an overview of the most important function and a cross-shaped control element is used for navigation. Duplex intercom system, landline telephone, video memory as well as switching and control functions can be intuitively operated. The integrated directory stores around 1,600 call numbers, and up to three for each contact.
  • The browser-based, platform independent administration software makes configuration both simple and convenient, although it is still possible to edit by means of the telephone keypad.
  • The hotel mode and hearing aid compatibility are examples of additional functions included in the appliance.

Improved standards of network connection and app:

The new Scope base station serves simultaneously as an IP gateway, with the link to the IP network established by means of a LAN connection. The network connection also allows future software updates. Using the new base station, the In-Home bus from Siedle can also be linked to the latest iPhone and iPad generation, initially for the local WiFi, but later also over the mobile phone network.

With its functionality corresponding to a Siedle indoor station, the new app was developed by the manufacturer to address the specific demands of door communication. Once connection is established, video and audio links are available immediately and simultaneously. The speech quality adheres to Siedle’s strict standards. The door is released by pressing on the relevant symbol with a fingertip, and an electronic signature secures the transmission of the door release. An additional feature prevents undesired operation errors.

For more information about Siedle’s new state-of-the art Scope, contact the security experts of Paragon Security NYC.


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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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