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June security conference to demonstrate security trends

The Electronic Security Expo is scheduled to take place in Nashville from June 25 through 27 and will give businesses around the world an opportunity to catch up on current trends regarding integrated security systems and other technologies.

“We’re bringing our team because ensuring that our employees are well-educated and up to date on industry changes is something, I believe, to be our responsibility,” Wayne Alarm president and founder Ralph Sevinor said. “At ESX, our employees get an extremely valuable opportunity to learn new concepts, benchmark with our competitors and form relationships with peers.”

The conference will host seminars on topics including high-definition surveillance solutions, cloud-based services and even mobile security applications. Attendees will also get a unique opportunity to gather insight on the home automation market, which is forecast to undergo significant transformations in the coming years.

According to a report by ABI Research, security players, cable companies and even telcos will be contributing to the nearly 20 million home automation system units installed by 2017, pushing the market to generate approximately $12 billion in revenue.

“A revolution is taking place in the appeal, deliver, support and pricing of home automation systems as the technology moves from being a high ticket investment to becoming another newly essential monthly service,” ABI Research principal analyst Jonathan Collins said.

Managed services will account for more than two-thirds of shipments by 2017, while mainstream supplier market share values will jump from 16 percent in 2011 to 26 percent in 2017, the report noted.

By attending ESX, decision-makers can acquire unique insight on which security vendors are most applicable for their specific business, while gaining a competitive advantage over rival firms that are unaware of the evolving security landscape.

“Providing your staff the opportunity to attend ESX is not a luxury or frill,” Alarm Detection Systems vice president Ed Bonifas said. “It’s a necessity for your business.”

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