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Doctor Demolishes Car Showroom On Cam

No one likes waiting in line for service.  No argument there.  But not every one reacts like this guy.

Dr. Kustov Michael, an obstetrician, recently went ballistic over waiting for 20 minutes before he could pick up his fixed car from a Nissan Car dealership in Russia.  Dr. Michael, a regular customer of the dealership, was so annoyed at having to wait that he took matters to his own hands.

A security cam video from the scene shows how the deranged Dr. Michael rammed the dealership building with his Suzuki car, trashing the building and the cars inside it.  He is seen driving back and forth outside of the building before rampaging through the glass walls.  His rampage went on for three minutes, while customers and salespeople scattered in horror.  One person trief to stop him from his frenzy by politely knocking on the car’s rear window, an attempt that proved unsuccessful.

Dr. Michael is now under house arrest and is facing a number of criminal charges.

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Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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