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Church Surveillance Catches Mailbox Thief

A church in New Mexico is praying for help catching a man they believe stole two big checks right from their mailbox. Trinity United Methodist Church in Nob Hill has security cameras installed on the church building, but after the discovery of the checks’ disappearance they were too shocked to consider checking the footage. Once they looked at the video the story became clearer. The video shows a well dressed man walking up to the church’s mailbox in broad daylight. He manages to open the latch and sifts through the envelopes inside. It is unclear if the thief knew in advance of the existence of the two large checks, but once he found them he is seen putting them in his pockets and walking out. One of those envelopes contained a check for $11,000, supposed to cover the church’s building insurance. Rev. Lourdes Calderon suspects the thief has the ability to cash the checks. She says the Albuquerque Post Master is investigating the case, but the cases raises concerns over the safety of the people inside the church. She even claims to consider locking the doors during gatherings.

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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