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Celebrity theft, precautions emphasize importance of security systems

Implementing a robust integrated security system is important for all homes, regardless of the resident. This point was made clear when the Palo Alto home of the late Steve Jobs was recently burglarized.

According to a report by the Associated Press, 35-year-old Kariem McFarlin of Alameda, California, was arrested by local law enforcement for stealing and selling property from Jobs’ home.

Despite the fact that the home was surrounded by a temporary construction barrier, McFarlin allegedly was able to steal more than $60,000 worth of computers and other personal items, the Associated Press said.

To prevent a similar incident from happening, Facebook will pay to enhance the physical protection of founder Mark Zuckerberg by hiring personnel to watch him around the clock and implement a state-of-the-art home security system, according to the LA Times.

“Because of the high visibility of our company we have implemented a ‘comprehensive security program’ for Mr. Zuckerberg to address safety concerns resulting from his position as our founder, chairman and CEO,” Facebook’s S-1 filing said, according to the LA Times.

These instances suggest that home security systems are an important part of enhancing physical security and deterring theft, as even the most well-known celebrities take precautions and, sometimes, fall victim to crime.

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