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Bike theft is a real problem in New York City

Anyone who has ever ridden a bike in a city knows that there are many thieves who prey on the weak and helpless. While New York City has had its fair share of crime in the past, new locking technology and an improved police presence have lowered the crime rate to record levels. However, stubborn burglars who insist on disrupting the peace have turned to a new low on their quest for anarchy – bike theft.

This became evident when the new CitiBike sharing program, which was recently launched across all five boroughs, had its bikes stolen the day before the initiative was to start.  This demonstrates that criminals are getting more and more resourceful in their attempts to gain money and riches by illegal means.

"A cop car was passing by and the workers said, 'Stop, stop, we've just been robbed,'" said Bolivar Arellano, a New York Post freelance photographer, according to the Post.

However, this hardly comes as a surprise, as many people consider New York City to be among the riskiest cities to bike in.

"New York is widely regarded as the nation's bicycle-theft capital – Kryptonite's signature bike lock is called the 'New York Lock – and in New York, as elsewhere, bike stealing spikes during times of economic distress," wrote Jody Rosen in an article for Slate.

Cyclists in New York City are always on the lookout for crooks hiding in dark alleyways, but there is not much these vigilant riders can do when their bicycles are locked down for the night. A proper bike locking system can help prevent the theft of the frame, but desperate kleptomaniacs might resort to stealing wheels, chains and handlebars.

Therefore, a video surveillance system is a must when securing bikes both indoors and out. Remote cameras can be disguised as a part of the natural environment, and imagine the look of surprise on a crook's face when he or she realizes that they have been photographed in the act. An added benefit of the technology is that it will deter future thefts – if criminals know a block or house is secured, they will avoid it due to fear of being caught.

Knowing is half the battle, but with a proper surveillance system, cyclists in New York City will be able to reduce the chance that their modes of transportation will be stolen.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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