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Fire Proof Safes

2 Gardall fireproof safesSafes are referred to as having either fire resistant or fire proof protection. Often fire-resistant safes are constructed of a thinner material, which could make it easier for break-ins. At the very least, you should look for a fireproof safe with a fire rating of 30 minutes or greater and a fire-sealed door.

Typical fire safes are made of two thin walls separated by an insulating material. Typically designed to protect documents and papers, fire safes are graded in function of the time they can maintain their internal temperature below 392°F or 200°C while exposed to a furnace, either 30 minutes, one hour and more for some specific fire safes.

Data safes are designed to protect digital and magnetic data supports against magnetic, electrical and fire aggression by maintaining a temperature below 52°C, temperature of destruction of most data support.

The Fire/burglary safes are simply safes with a thick external wall and equipped with insulation layer like other fire safes, they are a good compromise for protecting your precious items and documents from theft and fire.

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