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Latch Smart Access Installation in NYC

Paragon Security and Locksmith is the preferred provider for Latch lock solutions in New York City. Latch is a smart access platform designed around opening, managing, and sharing spaces in the fastest and most secure way. Latch is a unified hardware and software solution.


Latch mortise lock and readers in black and silver finishes

Devices can be installed on every door in a building, which, when coupled with the Latch App and Latch Manager, allow occupants and property managers to unlock and manage every space in an apartment from their smartphone. Its modern design allows doors to be unlocked through smartphone, Doorcard, or Keycode.





Image of black Latch M mortise lock system

Paragon has completed several recent comprehensive projects featuring Latch products. These include the installation of Latch R readers in 36 buildings in and around Brooklyn, the installation of Latch M locks in single family and multi family rental residential applications,  as well as the installation of Latch products in a commercial building.




From Latch: Latch is the creator of the world’s first smart access system, enabling keyless entry, access sharing, and unattended deliveries for the world’s leading real estate operators. By combining purpose-built hardware, software, and services into an integrated solution, the team of former Apple employees designed a set of products to solve the access challenges facing building owners, residents, and service providers. Headquartered in New York City, Latch is deployed in premier multifamily projects across the United States. Find out more at www.latch.com

View of open door with a latch system installed

View of latch reader on the exterior door of a multi-unit building

Hand holding smartphone to Latch lock reader

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