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High-Security Locks

Access control is the primary function of security systems, and thus the root of any great system is the lock type and brand selection. Paragon Security has expertise in a number of lock systems. We offer lock sales, locking system installations, and updates or repairs.  We carry the highest quality lock brands to fit any commercial residential, or automotive lock and lock system requirements. Let us help you determine which locks will provide the maximum protection for your property. Our line of high-security lock systems include:

Dead Bolt Locks

Dead Bolt locks are commonly used as an added security feature for both residential and commercial doors. Paragon offers many types of deadbolt locks, including Mortise Locks. When you purchase a lock from Paragon Security, they will help you get a product with the features you need. For example deadbolt locks should be drill proof. If not, a cordless drill can be driven straight through the cylinders to disengage the lock.

Exit Devices

Many commercial doors utilize exit devices, which is a vertical bar strike plate that is installed on the interior side of a door. The bar is pressed to release the lock, allowing the door to be pushed open. Exit devices ensure a safe and easy exit method in the case of an emergency.

Keyless locks

There are a number of different keyless locks systems, and Paragon Security will help you find the perfect solution. Keyless entry systems utilize electronic locks, which can be activated in various manners. Some common methods for opening and closing electronic locks are touchscreens, buttons, and smart keys.

Master Key Systems

To provide various levels of access to areas of your building, a master key system and cylinder lock solution is for you. The cylinder at the top of the key lock allows you to configure each lock to work with a specific key design. To design your master key system, we use Interactive® CLIQ® 4U systems, which utilize a preset electronic single and an encrypted code between the cylinder and the key.

Restricted keys

In addition to configuring your master key system, you can use restricted key features. Some of these include tracking the number of keys issued, limiting access time for certain keys, creating an audit trail of key usage, and the ability to deactivate keys.

Alarm Locks

Burglar alarms utilize contact devices that are aligned when the entryway is closed. When the alarm is activated, if any of these contacts move, the alarm will be activated. There are secure access locations that you can enter when the alarm is activated and you will be required to silence the code through keypad or other secure device.

Desk and Cabinet Locks

In addition to these high security locks, Paragon Security and Locksmith offers other locking solutions including desk and cabinet locks for go secure medicine and valued papers.

Why Choose Paragon Security? Our commitment. We hold every interaction with every customer to the highest standard. We are extremely proud of our repeat business and utmost level of customer satisfaction. We all have the same needs, so you can rest assured that the quality of locksmith work Paragon Security provides to you will leave you feeling safe in your home, business, or automobile.

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