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ABB is a manufacturer of intercom systems, doorbells, and other door entry solutions. ABB’s modern door entry system, ABB-Welcome, opens up new possibilities for both residents and guests. It provides comprehensive comfort, greater security and elegant design. The system harmoniously adapts to the architecture outdoors. The fascinating design and innovative technology of the brand’s indoor stations can fully complement all home designs and expectations of comfort.

These systems are best described as style meets function. Some systems include the indoor station, outdoor station and audio indoor station. Good design is not only appearance, but functionality as well. An example of this is how the light sensors automatically switch from day to night mode, allowing the entry way to remain aesthetically pleasing and visitors are drawn to the station plate.
With the outdoor system it’s very easy to see visitor’s faces – even in the darker hours thanks to an infrared LED that is automatically activated once the visitor rings the bell.

Words best describing the systems are ease, simplicity, security and flexibility. One system brings together 3 different senses: hearing sight and touch – and this is an integral part of the customer’s daily life.

Paragon enjoys installing ABB brand intercoms and door entry systems due to the easy installation process – both the indoor and outdoor systems have a screwless, snap-on design, a perfect compliment to any home. This system will make residents feel safe in their homes, which is one of Paragon’s top priorities when choosing the perfect system. Our expertise guarantees you full, easy access to the different types of systems we will expertly install.

Paragon Security serves customers for ABB product installation and repair all across New York. We are headquartered in Manhattan, and serve clients everywhere in NYC including in the West Village, Financial District, Upper West Side, Harlem, Midtown East, Union Square, Tribeca, Gramercy, Upper East Side, Chinatown, and beyond. Paragon’s ABB intercom installation and repair services are also available in other areas of New York including Brooklyn,  Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx. To learn more and get an ABB intercom installation quote, please contact Paragon today. 

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