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Fire Proof Doors

Locking mechanism and handle of a fireproof doorFire proof doors, referred to as fire rated doors, are classified by the amount of time the door protects you from fire. The times range from 20 to 90 minutes. Other performance characteristics include smoke and draft control and emergency exit availability. Common construction materials are fiberglass or steel, but the elegant design aesthetics work just as well for homes as they do for commercial buildings.

Fireproof doors are one of the most important elements in every commercial or residential fire protection system. Fire walls, fire alarms and fire sprinklers are all designed to keep you safe in case of an emergency. Your New York Locksmith can install fire resistant doors in your home or office, whether front entrances or internal doors, and also upgrade existing doors by fireproofing them and allowing them to withstand potential fire hazards.

Fire Resistance Level

The fire resistance level of doors is tested and authorized by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. (U.L.), which places an official certification label on the door.

UL divides fireproof doors into different class categories, which basically determine the fire resistance period in your building, before all occupants must be evacuated from the premises. The components and hardware of the door, be it steel or glass panels, determine its level of fire resistance.

Additional Safety Tips for Fireproof Doors

Once you install fireproof doors, there are additional safety measures that should be taken. If it is impossible for you to keep your fire door closed, you may leave it open, but make sure it is equipped with a release mechanism which will allow it to close automatically at the sound of the fire alarm.

Have your locksmith in New York install suitable latching devices on your fire resistant doors to ensure they are properly closed when fire erupts.

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