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Wireless Nanny Cams

front and back view of wireless nanny camLeaving our children in the hands of others is never easy. Wireless nanny cams are an extremely useful way for you to monitor the well-being of your child and your home while you’re away.

The cameras are designed to be small so that they can be hidden around your home.

The cameras records activity and can send it directly to your computer or mobile device. With surveillance cameras installed, you know that your home and family are secure, even if you are miles away.


What is a Nanny Cam?

A nanny camera is basically a surveillance camera and can be installed anywhere in your house. It is small and records and replays at a definite period of time. The system is generally wireless and you can even have remote computer access to the hidden camera. Sony and Toshiba offer the largest selection of wireless hidden cameras.

It is possible to use your coffee maker or toaster as your spy camera. Some other places where you can place your hidden camera is your television, radio, or among coffee mugs, books and toys. You can even have a car nanny cam.

High resolution cameras can be equipped with digital systems and the images can be transferred via internet at any time.

Wireless Nanny Cam Remote View

Where Can I Purchase a Nanny Cam?

You can can buy wireless nanny cams from Paragon in NYC. Spy cameras and nanny cams are not permitted in all countries. However, Paragon Security provides a wide selection of cameras at varying prices for security purposes, like IP cameras and dome cameras.

The IP camera is directly plugged into your computer and the software enables you to have up to 16 cameras.

The dome cameras are basically security cameras which have day or night models with high-power infrared LEDs, so that they can be used outside as well as inside the house.

Paragon Security in New York prides itself on its high quality wi-fi nanny cameras and surveillance equipment. The cameras vary in prices according to their functions.

Based on your precise security needs, you can always upgrade your equipment at a later stage, so buy nanny cam surveillance systems within your budget.

A hidden camera with a wide angle lens can help you not only to spot the mischief caused by your babysitter, but also the activities of the service people in your home. Above all, it allows you to make sure that your home is safe and secure, both within and without.

To learn more about our nanny cams and other security products, please Contact us today. Paragon Security proudly serves customers throughout New York, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and elsewhere in NYC.

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