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Preferred Safe Brands

As New York City’s premier locksmith and security system provider, Paragon Security and Locksmith recommends only the highest quality security products. The safe brands we recommend have stood the test of time, with many in business for almost a century. For almost 30 years, New Yorkers have trusted our recommendations for securing their homes, property and businesses.

2 Gradell safes, one with door ajarGardall

Gardall products are the pioneers of the industry, ranking as the toughest, most secure, safes, depositories, and lock-boxes in the world. Gardall also has an excellent customer support system, making it insurable and reliable to the end-buyer. If you’re looking for a safe worth keeping around for many years to come, you can rely on Gardall to stand the test of time.



Amsec products provide one of the most affordable and durable safes in the market. If you’re interested in safes but would like something more within your budget range, you can definitely rely on Amsec. Although not quite the same as Gardall when it comes to the insurances and design style, Amsec is proven to be one of the highest-ranking safe brands in the world.


Founded in 1930, a Sentry safe is much more of an “Old School” approach when it comes to safes. Sentry safe is an affiliate of Master Lock Company LLC. Sentry safes rank high in the category of portability and tend to be very easily transportable. If you’re traveling or moving from place to place, you may find Sentry to be a better companion than the more heavy safes we recommend.



Founded in New York City on 1902, Empire Safes focuses on a variety of safe types, ranging from dressers to jewelry transportation carts, and vault rooms. If you’re looking for a unique approach to safeguarding your belongings, Empire Safes is a great approach!

Fire King Safe
Fire King began making fireproof files in 1948. Fire King Safes provides a great solution when it comes to creating an efficient approach to managing the contents within your safe. Products like cash management safes provide a great way to manage and record cash interaction. If you are interacting with your safe on a day-to-day basis and constantly taking and storing cash, Fire King Safes will be one of the best safe brands for you.

Let Paragon Security Help You Choose the Best Safe Brand for You

4 safes shown in order of size from shortest to tallestStill unsure about which safe is right for you? The experts at Paragon Security & Locksmith can assess your specific need and make a safe recommendation. Contact us today for more information and to talk to a security consultant.

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