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Property-Wide Wi-Fi Solution for Multifamily Building


Paragon installed the infrastructure for Younity’s property-wide Wi-Fi solution which provides seamless high-speed, secure wireless internet connectivity to residents throughout their building, no matter where they are. In this two-month project, six Paragon technicians ran concealed wires, including constructing risers, for 147 Wi-Fi access points throughout the Bronx building.

Through Younity, property owners are able to retrofit existing buildings with technologies of the future. Many Younity projects powered by Paragon’s skilled installers are providing affordable, high-quality internet to low-income communities.

Younity enables landlords to provide a frictionless living experience to their tenants, increase operational efficiency and generate additional revenue by connecting all apartments and critical building systems, regardless of their physical location, to a single digital infrastructure.

Properties powered by Younity attract and retain tenants with best-in-class Wi-Fi that comes with instant set-up and proactive support.

This Bronx building is one of Paragon’s numerous Younity projects underway across New York City, including in Chelsea, Lower East Side, Harlem, Bronx, Coney Island, Jamaica, and Bushwick, totaling more than 2000 installations of Wi-Fi access points for property owners who are making the change.


Location: Crotona, Bronx, NY

Number of Buildings: 1

Number of Units: 147


147 Wi-Fi access points

Cat 6 wire

24-port patch panels

Junction boxes

Raceway & crown molding

Fire caulking

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Commercial Alarm panel

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