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Property Management | Security System Upgrade Integration Project


Locksmith Work :

Furnished an installed SmartAir locks on apartment doors

Furnished and installed Shear Aligning Maglock

Furnished and installed Surface mount Maglock

Access Control Systems:

Furnished and installed Brivo access control control bridge

Furnish and installed HID proximity readers

Security Cameras :

Furnished and installed Eagle Eye cloud based cameras

Additional :

Furnished and installed speakers and WiFi Panels




Location : Jersey City, New Jersey, property management that provides management solutions for large-scale commercial and multi-family residential facilities was looking to upgrade their security at 2 buildings in Jersey City.


SmartAir Locks

Brivo access control

Eagle Eye cloud based cameras

Exit device cross bar

SmartAir ANSI lever for exit device

Shear Aligning Maglock


Residential bike room door shown with proximity reader
Close up of Residential bike room door shown with proximity reader and door handle
Smart Air Lock
Button with panel that states
2 security cameras installed side by side on an exterior brick wall.

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