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Commercial Warehouse | Alarm and Intercom System North Bergen, NJ


Installed an Aiphone Audio/Video Intercom system with stations in all offices
Installed Multiple Alarm Panels with remote controls
Installed variety of alarm sensors throughout the warehouse (motion, contact, glass-break and smoke)



Location: North Bergen, NJ
Number of buildings: 1 (Warehouse)
Number of units: Warehouse



Honeywell Vista Alarm System
Aiphone Audio/Video Intercom System.


Airphone alram panel
Aiphone audio/video Intercom system on a warehouse wall
Aiphone audio/video Intercom system on a warehouse wall
Honeywell Alarm System touch pad on a warehouse wall
Honeywell alarm system touch pad
Installed motion sensors
Alarm sensor installed on door frame
Alarm sensor on a storefront gate
Alarm sensor on all entries
Placement of alarm motion sensor near electrical box
Control box for an alarm system

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