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Latch M Retrofit on Two Wooden Doors


Paragon Security and Locksmith installed a solution for a residential unit, providing keyless access with the Latch system. The Latch M lock was installed on the front door and side door to an individual unit within a multifamily Bronx, New York building, providing the owner with unprecedented options for controlling access to their home.

Latch locks can be unlocked through the Latch app, by simply holding your phone in front of the device, or through a personal door code which eliminates the possibility of lockouts and the need to carry keys. The Latch platform also allows residents to share access from anywhere, through custom timed door codes for easy temporary accessibility. The Latch M mortise lock is built to the highest commercial standards, providing security for exterior doors, as in this case, as well as for interior doors.

These wooden doors were custom-cut to accommodate the Latch M lockset. Paragon Security can install Latch on a variety of doors, instantly upgrading outdated NYC homes and apartments with the convenience afforded by cutting edge technology.


Location: Bronx, New York, NY

Number of Buildings: 1

Number of Units: 1


Latch M locks.

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