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Latch M Retrofit for Luxury Midtown Apartments Installed New Fireproof Apartment Doors with a Latch M Doorlock


Paragon Security and Locksmith, Inc designed a solution for a residential apartment building with keyless access locking system by Latch. This upgrade was part of the building hallways renovation project. Paragon furnished and installed fireproof doors, door viewers, spring hinges, and Latch M locks to newly renovated luxury apartments located in what was once the largest hotel in the world upon its completion in 1912

Latch M locks are access control locks designed for apartment entry doors. The M in the Latch M name stands for Mortise, and contains an industry standard mortise cartridge. The Latch M also includes a 135 degree image capture camera, and can support up to 1500 users for entry. The camera allows for viewing histories of persons who enter via the Latch Lock. The locks use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC (Near Field Communication) for their wireless communication. The Latch M locks also include a 12 month battery life with normal usage.

Paragon serviced every door in this New York City historic landmark.  The new residential building, formerly the Hotel McAlpin, contains 700 units, 25 stories, and is located on the corner of 34th Street and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan. As part of the new fireproof apartment doors with a latch M doorlock retrofit upgrade and as an added amenity to the building, all tenants and building staff can now access doors from their smartphones with the Latch Mobile App, supported on both iOS and Android

The Latch Smartphone App allows for unlocking capability and access from anywhere and for sharing access with anyone who is given permission. The app allows for access by simply holding your phone in front of the Latch M lock. Latch M locks also include doorcodes which eliminate the need for keycards, and can create and send custom timed temporary doorcodes for easy temporary accessibility. 

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Location: Herald Square, Manhattan (Midtown Manhattan)

Number of Buildings: 1 

Number of Units: 700


Auth door viewer

Latch M lockset 

Fireproof doors

Spring hinges door hardware

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