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Integrated Security System featuring Latch for Jersey City Multifamily Building


Paragon Security and Locksmith designed and installed a comprehensive security solution for a newly constructed 16 unit multifamily elevator building in Jersey City. The system includes Latch access control for all common areas and residential doors, Latch intercom, and the Latch Delivery Assistant. Latch is a full-building operating system, which brings tenants convenience and flexibility and gives management the ability to control all access from a single platform.

Tenants and management are able to unlock the front door, as well as access all common areas and elevators, directly from their phones via the Latch App. The Latch M readers installed on each unit’s door allows residents to easily share access with guests and service providers as needed, providing both convenience and peace of mind.

The Latch Delivery Assistant solution streamlines the entire package experience with round-the-clock access and verification for uncredentialed delivery providers, packages always get where they need to go.

The security system for this multifamily building is completed with a Hikvivsion security camera system to capture activity at the property, with recordings stored securely with an NVR.

In addition to these security needs, Paragon also provided the Internet infrastructure for the new building, running all the wires necessary to have high-speed Internet in each unit.

Paragon Security’s expertise is providing custom security solutions, meeting the needs of tenants and management for the best security technology available.


Location: Jersey City, NJ

Number of Buildings: 1

Number of Units: 16


Latch Intercom

Latch R Readers

Latch M Locks

Hikvision Security Cameras

Newark Ave
Newark Ave
Commercial lock door
Newark Ave
Door and Hardwware
Turret outdoor camera
Newark Ave
Newark Ave

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