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Integrated Latch Solution for Williamsburg Multifamily Building


Paragon Security and Locksmith designed and installed a comprehensive security solution for an 6 unit multifamily building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn featuring a Latch intercom, a Latch R reader, a Latch M smart lock, and two security cameras. The Latch Intercom is part of Latch’s full-building operating system and is ideal for retrofits such as this, brings tenants convenience and flexibility and gives management the ability to control all access from a single platform.

Tenants and management are able to unlock the front door Latch R reader and basement door Latch M smart lock directly from their phones via the Latch App, as well as receive calls from the intercom to let guests and deliveries in.

Paragon completed the wiring from the device locations to the building IT closet for reliable network connection and power. The security system for this multifamily building, constructed in 1900, is completed with a camera system, with recordings stored securely in the cloud for 30 days for easy retrieval when it’s needed.

To finish the project, Paragon fitted the new front door with a rekeyed cylinder (keyed to the existing key), a deadlatch lock, and an electric strike.

Paragon Security provides custom security solutions for buildings of all sizes, ensuring comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of tenants and management alike.

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Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Number of Buildings: 1

Number of Units: 6


Latch Intercom

Latch R Reader

Latch M Reader

Latch Security Camera

Hikvision Security Cameras

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