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Corporate Building | Door Work New panic exit device, knob trim and door closers with drop down plates


Removed door closers
Removed deadbolt
Removed sliding bolts
Removed Baldwin trim Mortise Lock
Fresh installation of the following:
Supplied and installed 2 Heavy Duty Von Duprin Panic exit device on both doors
Supplied and installed knob trim on the active door
Supplied and installed 2 HD LCN door closers with drop down plates


Location: Lower Manhattan,  a commercial building owned by a New York domestic business corporation, looking to upgrade their front doors
Number of buildings: 1


Vonduplin push bar
Vonduplin verticle rod
Outside trim for panic device
Heavy Duty LCN door closer

large wooden door with exit device installed
views of door from several angles and lock
Close up view of wooden door with exit device installed

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