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Wrought Iron Security Fence and Gate for Clinton Hill Townhouse Installation of custom iron security fence and gate with mailboxes


Paragon Security and Locksmith, Inc. designed, fabricated, and installed the fencing security system for a new development 2-story townhouse located in Clinton Hill, in Northwestern Brooklyn. Paragon Security created a custom architectural metal and wood mailbox enclosure made of wrought iron and reclaimed wood. All mailbox projects are done per building department regulations, New York City fire codes, and U.S. post office laws. The entry fence and door were also designed by Paragon Locksmith Brooklyn and both made of wrought iron.

Wrought iron has very low carbon content, is a highly refined iron, and is a tough material that is hammered, rolled and worked while hot and is easily welded. The term “wrought” means “to work, thus combined means “worked iron”. Wrought iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale, which is why Paragon services wrought iron pieces by custom order.

This Clinton Hill townhouse is located in one of Brooklyn’s finest neighborhoods, near Fort Greene, Williamsburg, Bed Stuy, and Prospect Heights. Clinton Hill houses 20,000 plus residents and is within close proximity to the internationally renowned Pratt Institute and St. Joseph’s College. This area of Brooklyn was even once known as a country retreat from Manhattan. Our team worked with architects and developers on the project and integrated the design to fit the building lifestyle. The townhouse’s entry fence and door are mounted to a concrete slab to match the building’s atheistic.

A custom wrought iron project ordered through Paragon Security and Locksmith, Inc. takes roughly 4-6 business days for our technicians to complete the installation of the newly designed and ordered parts. Paragon is able to design and make other creative pieces to fit various styles of homes, apartments, businesses and institutions. Paragon also offers iron window gates and AC accommodating iron window gates.


Location: Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Number of Buildings: 1

Number of Units: 1


Reclaimed wood panels

Custom wrought iron fencing and gate

United States Postal Service Approved Mailboxes

IrvingMain Paint
Custom wrought iron fence and gate

Instagram @ ParagonSecurityNy