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Intercom Systems Install Brooklyn, NY

Paragon Security NY can install your Brooklyn building’s intercom system. Whether it’s your office building or apartment building, we can get your intercom system installed and working properly.

For upgrades to a current system, Paragon’s team of certified intercom system installers can help you determine which new system will meet your residential or commercial needs.

About Intercom Systems in Brooklyn

Common security features like locks, surveillance video, and access control systems are a necessary part of ensuring the safety of tenants and workers. One of the more crucial and least anticipated security feature is an intercom system.

Communication devices have a very important role in security and common business practices. Places where you’ll see intercom systems installed are most often hospitals, schools, apartments building and lofts, and other miscellaneous businesses.

What to expect from an intercom systems install

Paragon Security in New York provides various types of intercom systems, some being more advanced than others but all are capable of providing the level of security that is best suited for your building or home. Devices like fob entry systems with security cameras are best for apartments, lofts, and homes. Intercom systems that are more advanced like aiphone audio/video that are used to communicate and 24/7 monitoring are more in line with commercial warehouses.

Types of intercom system brands available

Beyond just audio and video, some of the best intercom systems also feature integration with apps for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. These intercom apps work by simultaneously calling to both standalone intercom units and phone apps, making building access control easy for customers, wherever they are. All leading brands such as ABB, Comelit, Aiphone and Seidle offer their own mobile applications for their intercom system integrations.

How Does an Intercom System Work?

From complex to simple intercom systems, it all comes down to two basic setups. The first, called the main station, is often within the property and receives information from the external structure, also known as the substation.

These systems comprise electronic devices such as cameras, speakers, microphones, and screens for viewing, either one-way or both ways.

Where to Install the Intercom System?

Intercom systems are installed within and outside buildings. These areas include schools, offices, hospitals, and other enclosed areas with partitions. The main base would be in the house or a secure location, while the substations should be anywhere you wish people to access them, like a gate, reception room, or doorway.

Benefits of Intercom System Installation in Brooklyn

Intercom systems are beneficial in Brooklyn for several purposes. Here are some of them:


You can keep your home from unwanted access through an intercom system install Brooklyn. How? If installed at the door, the base station sends signals to you through the substation. For proper monitoring, the system allows for mobile phone integration.

Besides, several intercom models also control doors, so only verified personnel can enter the restricted area. Of course, this will greatly benefit you if you have a school, business, or hospital.


From schools to hospital facilities, there would always need to communicate with a selected few or address everyone at a time. By using intercom systems, communication requires announcing at one substation, and the information goes through to the specified substation in the building or all of them at once.

To learn more about Paragon Security’s intercom install services, please Contact us today.

Brands We Serve:

Our low voltage technicians are certified and experienced with the leading industry brands such as:


Siedle logo Siedle is a leading communication technology company in the worldwide intercom and access control markets.
Siedle provides first rate intercom and access control systems to not only commercial and industrial buildings, but also to the rapidly growing challenges of residential buildings.


Comelit USA Logo  Comelit manufacture true IP door entry, 2 wire door entry, door entry kits, access control & home automation customized for the US market.


Aiphone Logo Aiphone products range from simple door answering units to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex microprocessor-based commercial systems, and luxury condo/apartment security and communication systems. Aiphone products are known for its design simplicity, technical excellence and reliability.


Butterfly MX logoButterflyMX™ is more than just a state-of-the-art video intercom system; it’s a cost-saving tool for builders and developers. Instead of expensive legacy systems with significant hardware and installation costs, ButterflyMX™ replaces in-unit hardware with tenant Smart Phone Technology.








Paragon Security is New York’s proven intercom installation and repair company. With more than 25 years of experience in NYC and beyond, we provide complete intercom systems installation and repair services for residential and commercial buildings throughout the Brooklyn and New York City.

Intercom systems are some of the most common security features of homes, apartments, and commercial buildings. Today virtually all apartment buildings and offices have some type of intercom system installed.

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