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Banks And Financial Institutes

Banks and financial institutions are high security risks, and therefore you rely on the use of security systems with sophisticated technology. Under no circumstances can you allow for poor system performance. Paragon Security can speak to you about our cutting-edge products and our commitment to service.

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Paragon Security can provide high quality camera and video solutions as part of a robust security program. If you’re looking to update or enhance any portion of your security system, we can help. We offer an extensive product line, expert installations, plus structured data and wiring designs. Our Paragon Shield service program is a preventative maintenance plan you should not be without.


Why Choose Paragon Security? Our commitment. We hold every interaction with every customer to the highest standard. We are extremely proud of our repeat business and utmost level of customer satisfaction. We all have the same needs, so you can rest assured that the quality of service Paragon Security provides to you will exceed your expectations.

Contact us to find out how our expert staff can provide you with the right products and services. Paragon Security proudly serves customers throughout New York, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and elsewhere in NYC.


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