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Hotel Security Systems and Services

The hospitality industry has extremely unique needs in terms of security and safety. Paragon Security works with each hospitality customer on a one-on-one basis to make sure these needs are met. We provide products for individual hotel rooms such as deadbolt door locks, and room safes. On a larger scale, we work with hotel management on room keyless entry systems, burglar alarms, and front door and lobby camera security.

Beyond the rest and comfort hotels afford, many consider them a place of refuge. Although you won’t see these lodges swarming with gun-wielding security men, security is tight. We are examining how hotels keep their clients safe.

How Hotel Security Systems Work

The hotel security system comprises security officers within the premises, security-conscious staff, and electronic systems. These all work together to make the hotel safe. Many lodges also arm guests with information to stay safe and notify the standby security operatives when in danger.

Installing Security Services

When it comes to installing hotel security services, private security contractors often provide security personnel for the establishment. As for gadgets, hotels trust security firms to install necessary security devices and equipment in the hotel. Maintenance of these devices would also be the responsibility of the security company.

The Key to Hotel Security Systems

The key to successful hotel security is management’s ability to keep their visitors safe without infringing on their personal security or impacting their stay. Paragon Security offers advanced wired and wireless data collection for hospitality management’s use. We utilize our knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT) to securely help you manage this data.

Regarding impacting your hotel customer’s stay. Paragon Security can provide preventative maintenance and quick on-site repairs to keep your systems running smoothly with little or no inconvenience to your staff and customers. And Paragon Security can even be your New York hotel locksmith too.

Prioritize Security Services for Your Business

If you’ve been planning to keep your hotel safe, here are three systems you must prioritize:

Lock Systems

Lock picking and forging duplicate keys have been risks to privacy in a hotel. However, lodges now use cutting-edge technologies to make room entry more secure and personal. Smartcards and entry codes are now in place instead of jingling keys.

Hotel Surveillance Systems

While it is illegal to place cameras in rooms and bathrooms, places like corridors, pools, and parking lots have surveillance cameras. With incorporated technologies, monitoring these areas is possible remotely on smartphones and PCs. Anyone going in and out of the facility is duly captured and stored in a database.

Alarm Systems

hotel security system is incomplete without a means of alerting security personnel and endangered clients. These alarms could be loud to deter intruders or quiet to secretly notify security personnel within and outside the premises of a threat.

Sometimes, the alarm system is activated manually with the push of a button or when trespassers trigger motion sensors or tamper-proof gadgets. The type of alarm used depends on the area of the hotel they would be installed.

Why Choose Paragon for New York Hotel and Hospitality Facilities Security Systems?

Why Choose Paragon Security? Our commitment. We hold every interaction with every customer to the highest standard. We are extremely proud of our repeat business and utmost level of customer satisfaction. We all have the same needs, so you can rest assured that the quality of service Paragon Security provides to you will exceed your expectations.

Contact us to find out how our expert staff can provide you with the right products and services for your hospitality business. Paragon Security proudly serves customers throughout New York, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and elsewhere in NYC.


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