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Construction Site Security Services and Solutions

Construction site security is equally as important as security in already constructed buildings. If you have sophisticated security for a construction site, it will be tough for unauthorized persons to access your construction materials and equipment.

Large commercial construction site

Industry Leading Construction Security Systems

Here are the leading construction security systems:

System Integration

System integration refers to merging different security mechanisms like surveillance cameras and alarm systems into a single system. System integration offers better protection compared to other kinds of security solutions.

24/7 Video Surveillance

Construction sites require surveillance cameras to record everything that goes on within the construction site. This is a required security measure for preventing vandalism and theft.

Repair Services

Construction security systems may develop a fault at one point, especially when the systems are not well maintained. Hence, repair and maintenance services are necessary to always keep construction security systems in tip-top shape.

Why Choose Paragon Security?

Our commitment. We hold every interaction with every customer to the highest standard. We are extremely proud of our repeat business and utmost level of customer satisfaction. We all have the same needs, so you can rest assured that the quality of service Paragon Security provides to you will exceed your expectations.

How Paragon Security Construction Site Security Works

Paragon Security works with New York City contractors on new construction and renovation projects. We can help you lock down prices for the security end of the bidding process. Once your project begins, count on us for our years of experience and product knowledge.

Often when you are working on an older city building, you’ll find that any pre-installed security systems are in dire need of repairs or upgrades. Paragon service technicians not only install system components, they are also experts at wiring. For new or old system installations and system integration, you can rely on our specialists.

Contact us to find out how our expert staff can assist you with your construction and renovation security projects. Paragon Security proudly serves customers throughout New York, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and elsewhere in NYC.

Construction Site Security FAQs

Do construction sites have security?

Construction sites are among the top places targeted due to the expensive materials and equipment exposed there. At least one form of security on most construction sites is required, however we recommend taking extra steps to prevent any incidents.

How to keep a construction site secure?

A construction site should have a fence along its perimeter and have just one or two entry points. An access control system at available entry points is suggested. Surveillance cameras should be installed in various parts of the sites, especially in places that are most exposed to potential threats.

What is construction site security?

Construction site security refers to any security system installed on construction sites to protect workers, construction materials, and equipment. Security guards are also part of construction site security.

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