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Xandem’s new security sensors can see through walls

Startup Xandem is poised to revolutionize the security market with their new all-seeing motion detection system, reports CNN. Motion-detection is hardly a new feature in security equipment, but Xandem’s innovation is in the way it achieves it, which enable brand new capabilities. Most commercial motion-detection systems use optical beams that need uninterrupted sight lines. This means they are unable to detect anything happening behind obstacles such as walls and trees. Infra-red systems use heat-sensors so they are not affected by such obstacles, but they are prone to false alarms and can be blocked by heat-insulating materials.

Xandem’s innovation is in the use of radio waves, which pass uninteruptedly through walls and other obstacles. This ability means the sensors can even be completely hidden, and still be able to detect any motion in the building.

The Salt Lake City-based company started operating four years ago when a University of Utah engineering doctoral student, Joey Wilson, discovered the cutting edge use of radio waves. He established the company alongside his reasearch advisor. “I thought, ‘If I don’t jump on this now, I’m going to miss a great opportunity,'” Wilson recalls.

Xandem’s first product went on sale in April 2011- it was a wireless motion detection system, that used several small nodes, resembling an Ipod nano. The nodes can be completely hidden, and run off batteries or regular wall outlets. Any movement within the range of the network of nodes can be detected, whether within sight line or not. Xandem’s products, more are due this summer, are starting to be used in both businesses and high-end homes. Wilson says “Our target is the commercial security market — and that’s worth billions”

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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