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Woman steals from nonprofit with two children present

Shoplifting is a common crime throughout the United States and becomes increasingly abundant as the holiday season approaches. In fact, a report by AdWeek noted that roughly one out of every 11 shoppers walk out of the store with an item he or she didn't pay for, suggesting retailers should consider implementing surveillance cameras to ensure people don't think they have the right to steal valuable items.

This type of situation recently occurred at Vision House Thrift Store in Bothell, Washington, when a woman stole several Franciscan china place settings from the nonprofit organization, according to a report by Q13 Fox News Daily.

"When I went up to take a picture of the table for us to put it on our Facebook [I noticed] that three of my place settings were missing, which I actually had them doubled. So that would mean six serving pieces missing," said Renee Johannsen, store manager of Vision House Thrift Store, according to Q13 Fox News.

Unfortunately, the thrift store acts as a nonprofit and donates a portion of its revenue to charities that help homeless mothers take care of their children, the news source said. Ironically, the thief caught on surveillance was with two children.

"I thought [the incident was] very strange so I looked on the camera and watched and there was a woman in the store with a gentleman and two children and she had stolen the dishes off the table," Johannsen told Q13 Fox News.

The surveillance cameras caught the entire crime on camera as the woman picked up two pieces of the china to observe in another area of the store before sticking them in her large white handbag. Soon after, the woman walked back to the china display, covered the plates with a black sweater and continued to scoop the place settings into her bag.

While stealing from a nonprofit is pretty shady, the fact that she committed the crime in front of her children is also unpleasant.

"First of all, who does this with children with them? What kind of example are you setting? Plus, you're in here stealing from a nonprofit organization that's trying to help and house homeless mothers and children," Johannsen told the news provider.

Another report by the FBI confirmed theft was one of the most common crimes in Bothell in 2010, as more than 640 instances were reported.

Retailers need to be on their guard this holiday season and implement advanced surveillance cameras with real-time monitoring if they want to prevent criminals from stealing items in their store.

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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