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Wireless Test Kit

Doorking, manufacturer of access control security solutions, introduces a new portable wireless range test kit that is used with the 1830 series tracker expansion board wireless options.

The DKS Wireless Range Test Kit allows you to walk the job before starting an installation to determine if the wireless expansion option would be a viable solution. The kit includes a battery powered base station that simulates the wireless access controller, and a battery powered remote station that simulates the wireless access device (card reader, keypad, etc.). You can place each component in different locations to check for the best results before you start the actual installation.

  • Check range and signal strength
  • Switch between antenna types to determine which works best
  • Program different channels to see which provides the best signal strength and range
  • Includes coax antenna kit
  • A great tool to help when bidding wireless option

Contact the experts of Paragon Security NYC for more details.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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