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Wireless connectivity making home security more accessible

The ease of use provided by Wi-Fi network technologies is emerging as an important asset in the home security market. According to a recent SecurityInfoWatch report, wireless network capabilities make home security much more accessible on multiple levels, making it a key solution in protecting homes.

Wi-Fi as an installation enabler
The news source explained that home security system installation prior to wireless networking’s dominance was often an expensive and complicated process. In some cases, the availability of cabling systems limited where cameras could be placed. In many instances, consumers could not afford to invest in home protection technology because they could not pay the price of having network infrastructure built into their homes.

This problem was especially prevalent for households living in old buildings. Such structures are often built with stucco, cinder blocks or similar materials that present a variety of challenges from a network installation perspective. In such settings, it was not uncommon for holes to be drilled through hard wall surfaces to install cables, making network deployment more difficult and expensive. The report said that Wi-Fi solves this problem by providing adequate performance and range to freely install cameras without the network cabling being installed. This reduces the cost of installation and provides more flexibility in the deployment process.

Wi-Fi interference challenges
While wireless networking offers advanced capabilities in a much more accessible way, there are also problems that can come into play with the technology. The news source noted interference as one such issue. Because the network depends on radio waves, different types of material can either block or interfere with thesignal. Deploying a wireless network for optimal performance can be extremely difficult, but is generally less expensive than installing a wired network.

Overcoming this problem is often dependent on knowing the environment. The report explained that many homeowners are extending the range of security systems beyond main home structures and need to consider how that will impact the Wi-Fi network deployment. Knowing the various attributes of the home and surrounding area can overcome some of these interference-related challenges.

Wi-Fi also presents performance limitations. For a basic home security system with a few cameras, Wi-Fi can usually get the job done. However, wired solutions generally offer better performance and reliability on the whole. Furthermore, power-over-Ethernet technologies are making such systems slightly more accessible by alleviating the cabling burden. As a result, homeowners may not want to look at Wi-Fi as a solution that replaces wired security systems. Instead, the two can serve different needs.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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