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Where was the last Mega-Million Lotto ticket hidden? In a Maryland safe

Last Month’s record-breaking $656 million lottery prize drawing drove America (and the world) crazy.  Statisticians claimed that the odds of winning the jackpot are considerably lower than those of being hit by lightening.  And yet once the winning numbers were announced, America was waiting to hear who the lucky people holding the three winning tickets were.

The first two were announced quite soon, as the winners came to claim their share: a third of the massive amount.  But the third and last of the winning tickets, known to be purchased in Maryland, remained a mystery.  Mirlande Wilson, a mother of seven and a McDonald’s employee from Baltimore, claimed she held the ticket, and caused an uproar among her friends with whom she purchased several tickets.

But, it now appears that the real winners, taking their time before going public to claim the prize, were able to follow the events with irony.  The third ticket was bought by a trio of Maryland teachers, who call themselves, “the three amigos”. Once the win became apparent they took proof pictures of the winning ticket, and hid it in a safe. In fact, they took the time between realizing they won the mega millions to actually claiming it, in preparation and consultation regarding taxes and investments.

The three teachers bought together 60 tickets, for $20 each. Each of the three amigos, will take a lump sum of $34.99 million after taxes, but claim they don’t plan to give up their day jobs.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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