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Westchester Superintendent Caught on Cam Sodomizing Tenant’s Dog

NBC New York reports that a Westchester superintendent was ordered to vacate his apartment after being accused of sodomizing a tenant’s dog.

A tenant in an apartment complex in Rye, New York was suspicious that her apartment had been broken into on regular basis.  To investigate the matter, she set up a hidden camera.  What she soon found out was quite unsettling.  The building’s superintendent Kujtim Nicaj, also known as Tim, was allegedly caught on cam, entering the premises and sexually molesting her pet dog, a labrador retriever.

On February 9, Nicaj (married with two children) was arrested.  He was charged with burglary and sexual misconduct.  The sodomizing super’s lawyer says that “Aside from being humiliated, [Nicaj] is worried about providing for his family. It’s an amazingly difficult time for them right now. They would like nothing more than for this whole mess to go away”.

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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