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Upgrading Classroom Security

Safe School Week will be observed across the nation from October 19th to the 25th. This is the right time for schools to focus on what security procedures are most effective. Physical security needs to be a priority, as just controlling bullies is not enough.

According to a story published on www.securityinfowatch.com, there needs to be an emphasis on classroom doors being properly secured, and California is now requiring schools to do that by establishing a baseline classroom security protocol. This requires that any room holding five people and over be equipped with security locks.

These locks come in electrical and mechanical forms, and are ideal for school lockdowns plus preventing hallway clashes from entering a classroom. Keys are used to lock a cylinder within the door, thus preventing entry from the outside. Classroom occupants can exit the room immediately by turning a lever. This prevents students or anyone not authorized from locking a door.

Schools have sometimes used security measures that have turned out to be ineffective or counterproductive. Problems are most likely to happen within the school, instead of from an intruder.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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