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Latch Front Entrance Program


Doors are for possibilities.


Unlock anything, from anywhere, for anyone.


Latch R Series

With the Latch R, any multifamily property without a reception desk can now be equipped with a smart access solution at the front entrance. The Latch R easy-to-use software enables property managers to remotely provide access to staff and services while enhancing security. Residents enjoy the convenience of keyless entry as well as in-building deliveries through Latch’s nationwide partnership expansions with companies like UPS.


Latch R Series

Paragon Security and Locksmith is an authorized Latch Installer and preferred provider of Latch lock solutions in New York City. Contact us at 1-646-604-9026 for more information or click here to schedule a complimentary Latch R demonstration.


About Latch

‍Latch is the creator of the world’s first smart access system, enabling keyless entry, access sharing, and unattended deliveries for the world’s leading real estate operators. By combining purpose-built hardware, software, and services into an integrated solution, the team of former Apple employees designed a set of products to solve the access challenges facing building owners, residents, and service providers. Headquartered in New York City, Latch is deployed in premier multifamily projects across the United States.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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