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Top eight reasons to get to know a locksmith before you get locked out

If you are a homeowner or rent a residence, chances are you have only ever called a locksmith in an emergency. You get locked out, realize your stuck, hop on the web via smartphone or go to a neighbor that will let you use a phone book or the internet, and contact the first locksmith that sticks out. The service provider comes, gets the job done, leaves and then you pay whatever bill is sent because you think that’s just how the industry works. This is a fairly common scenario and, if you’re lucky, it won’t hurt you much to just trust that you can get by.

Of course, you could get locked out at two in the morning, call a locksmith, have them let you in, sell you a cheap lock that will make you a target to criminals and then charge you for a bunch of things that make absolutely no sense and push your budget through the roof. Chances are you want to avoid that situation. You’d also rather not waste time calling a fraudulent locksmith, and locksmith fraud is fairly common in many regions. A lot can go wrong when you meet a bad locksmith. Besides this risk, here are the top eight reasons to get to know a locksmith before you get locked out:

8. You can have their number ready
Going to a neighbors house or using the mobile web is fairly handy if you get locked out, but it will be much easier if you already have a trusted locksmith’s number in your phone so you aren’t picking a provider at random.

7. Getting locked out is embarrassing
A lot of people will got locked out at some point, it’s a fairly common problem, but it is still embarrassing and can leave you feeling helpless. Knowing a locksmith can alleviate these feelings.

6. You probably want to get inside as fast as you can
Let’s face it, researching locksmiths while you are locked out probably is not the fastest course to getting back in your house. Have a number ready and you can get help quickly.

5. You may need more help than you think
Getting back into your house or apartment is one thing, getting it secure again after the locksmith gets in is another. In some cases, a locksmith has to completely remove a lock or destroy it, leaving you needing a new one. You want to be able to trust the service provider if you are depending on it so much.

4. It helps to know what to expect
If you have a relationship with a locksmith you can know what to expect in terms of how long the entire process will take and what it may cost. You don’t want to be caught off guard when you are in a difficult position.

3. A good relationship can improve services
A good locksmith will treat all customers with equal respect and professionalism. However, having a long-term relationship with a locksmith can provide a few perks because the vendor trusts you to be a good customer just as much as you trust them as a provider.

2. Avoiding unexpected costs
Some locksmiths will hide their costs behind fees that vary depending on the situation. This can lead to hidden charges that you cannot predict and an expensive visit from the locksmith. Working with a provider that values transparency will make it much easier to avoid paying more than you can afford for locksmith services.

1. Avoiding danger
Fraudulent locksmiths can do a lot of damage besides cost. There is no reason that a fraudulent locksmith couldn’t work with criminals to help them identify targets and give your information away. You don’t want to even go near this risk, getting references and verifying a locksmith’s validity can help you avoid any potential threats.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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