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To hide or not to hide – what the best way to handle camera installation?

Hidden surveillance cameras and clearly-visible security cameras each offer distinct benefits depending on the situation. Deciding which is best for you is essential to developing an effective home protection strategy.

There is plenty to keep in mind when it comes to choosing between hidden or visible cameras, but it is often easiest to figure out which is best by looking at each deployment method individually.

Hidden cameras
Hidden cameras can be incredibly effective when deployed in locations where they can easily watch various parts of your home and identify people who may attempt to break into your house or move through your property. With hidden cameras in place, intruders will not be able to easily identify the location of the camera, making it easier for the surveillance solutions to identify people effectively. Furthermore, hidden cameras are extremely subtle and will not necessarily draw the attention of criminals.

While this type of functionality offers considerable potential, homeowners need to consider that hidden cameras may not act as a deterrent because they are not clearly visible. At the same time, many professional criminals who are trained to identify hidden camera locations could still develop methods to work around the system.

Visible cameras
Installing security cameras that are visible can serve as a deterrent that keeps pranksters and desperate criminals away because they see the cameras and recognize that the likelihood of getting caught increases substantially. As a result, having visible cameras in place can be a simple way to prevent crime on your property. Furthermore, installation can be much easier with visible cameras as they can be placed in a wide range locations.

The problem with visible security cameras is that some criminals may see that you have them installed and think of that as a sign that you have plenty of valuable objects that you are trying to protect.  While the likelihood of this happening is not necessarily great enough to outweigh the protection capabilities of the cameras, it still needs to be kept in mind when considering your specific situation.

In the end, every home is different and every security situation has its own nuances that need to be kept in mind. Having an idea as to whether you want hidden or visible cameras in place is critical. However, it may be even more important to work with a security system provider that can offer insight into which system is best for your specific situation.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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