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Three reasons to get a video intercom

Any type of intercom can be a key cog in a home security camera. Intercoms are particularly valuable because they let you identify who is at the door without drawing too much attention to the home, like highly-visible security cameras might. This means that you get the protection you need in a form factor that is simple, accessible and complementary to your home. However, video intercoms can prove particularly advantageous because they make it easier to identify who is at the door.

There are plenty of reasons to consider a video intercom system for your home, but a few key considerations include:

They are good for kids
If you're a parent, you've probably worried plenty about leaving your children alone and having them answer the door for a stranger. At some point though, most parents have to leave their kids alone and hope they are old enough and mature enough to have learned when they should or shouldn't open the door. A standard intercom can help in this area, but it could be fairly easy for a young teenager who is home alone for a couple of hours to open the door for somebody claiming to have a package, and accidentally open the door for a burglar.

A video intercom is easier for children to use because it lets them see the person at the door and communicate with that individual more easily. As a result, you can rest at ease knowing that your children, who have been told to only open the door for a few specific people, for example, will be able to identify those individuals if they come to the door and recognize if somebody else is trying to take advantage of them.

Video intercoms are more accessible than you might think
A video intercom may seem like a futuristic technology that is out of reach, but quality cameras are becoming less expensive all the time and a security company can often offer a cost-efficient video intercom model that could meet your price point. Protecting your home is key, but everybody has to work within a budget. The accessibility of cameras and similar technologies is making video intercoms available in a variety of price ranges.

Video intercoms work well in an integrated security system
If you need a high level of security at your home, chances are you have looked into an integrated security platform in which multiple components work with one another. Video intercoms are a natural fit in this kind of situation and can provide vital functionality when used in conjunction with security cameras, electronic locks, alarm systems and other advanced technologies. In this type of setup, your intercom console could become a central control platform where you can view what is happening near every camera, control locks or perform other key actions. This level of control can be extremely important if you have a large property with multiple outbuildings that all need to be protected.

For example, if a large package comes that needs to be delivered to a detached garage, you can use the intercom to verify that the shipping company is indeed present, unlock the garage door and watch the workers unload the package through the central control platform. You can then close the garage door, lock it and open the front door to sign paperwork. All of these features are similarly helpful if burglars try to gain entry to your property, as an intercom tied to a home automation or integrated security solution lets you take action to lock doors and locate threats.

Protecting your home can be difficult, but a good video intercom system can prove a vital technology in any efforts to keep your family, property and assets safe.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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