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Things to think about when deploying smart surveillance cameras

The overall physical security market continues to evolve and surveillance cameras are driving significant changes in the industry. While there is still no clear definition, “smart cameras” have become a generic term for devices that can enhance functionality and flexibility without a difficult implementation process, according to a report by A&S Magazine.

While these intelligent surveillance cameras are supposedly disrupting the physical security industry in a number of ways, their specific advantages have gone beyond capturing high-definition footage, the news source said. As a result, decision-makers thinking about implementing advanced video surveillance solutions need to consider several aspects of the smart camera before making a choice.

Functionality and flexibility considerations
Similar to virtually every other technology, there are bound to be some mechanical tradeoffs between capability and ease of use or cost per unit when leveraging a smart camera, A&S Magazine noted. Security and IT executives need to carefully evaluate each offering to establish what they may be losing when choosing the smart camera route, which may include upgradability, performance or interoperability with other security tools.

Since smart surveillance cameras combine hardware and software into a single system, any changes to the security environment will send shockwaves throughout the rest of the arrangement. Decision-makers need to keep this in mind when selecting a specific model, as choosing devices that are static may not provide long-term benefits, especially if a firm needs to continually change the device’s parameters, A&S Magazine said.

Intuitive devices introduce new complexities
Although smart surveillance cameras are more technologically advanced than legacy solutions, this is not always a good thing, as they are harder to maintain in the face of adversity, according to the news source. Most intrusion situations are not simple and occurrences that require multiple levels of detection capabilities will likely hinder a smart camera’s ability to provide quality footage.

If a company decides to deploy smart cameras, executives need to ensure that employees in charge of the system are educated and trained enough to minimize potential problems.

Longevity evaluations
Smart surveillance cameras are often a singular device, meaning particular parts of the system cannot be upgraded to stay on pace with market changes, according to A&S Magazine. As a result, the devices often have a shorter lifespan than other offerings that can be transformed with time.

Additionally, the cameras themselves are expensive to replace if any problems with hardware or software problems occur, which may not make them the most appropriate long-term solution, according to the news source.

A separate report by SecurityInfoWatch noted that the surveillance industry in particular has undergone significant transformation within the past two decades or so. These changes include the migration from analog devices to IP or cloud-based solutions, as well as the adoption of advanced analytic tools capable of providing decision-makers with more information about a circumstance caught on camera.

These “milestones” have made it possible for manufacturers to develop smart surveillance cameras that promise to boost physical security without driving costs or introducing new problems, SecurityInfoWatch noted. Yet this may not always be the case, as some of the most advanced solutions simply do not align with specific short- or long-term business goals and requirements.

As integrated security systems and surveillance cameras continue to shape the overall physical security industry, companies need to weigh their options and choose offerings that will meet current, ongoing and future demands, as failing to do so will only render a specific solutions incompatible with time.

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