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The right camera solution can protect companies against fraud

Discussions surrounding the value of surveillance cameras, whether they are IP-based or built in a closed-circuit television system, often center on using the solution to protect property. While this is a valid and important use for security cameras, it is not the only way to leverage the technology. In many cases, a security camera system can be used to help organizations watch employees, contractors or similar individuals when they are on company property. This can prove essential to overcoming fraud or similar threats.

Using security cameras to overcome fraud
Consider a hypothetical situation in which you are hiring a contracting company to perform renovations in your office. The budget for the project is fairly strict, but you have just enough wiggle room to consider yourself safe. Then, something takes unexpectedly longer and the project is delayed by a couple of days. At first, this problem is fairly workable. However, the project keeps on getting delays and each time the problem does not seem completely legitimate. This can be a fairly common issue for some organizations. Contractors can often extend a project by stalling and not working efficiently, by making up a reason for a delay that sounds good to somebody who is not an expert in the industry. This isn't just a problem in construction. It can also have an impact on just about any major project, such IT installation.

In such a situation, hidden cameras installed throughout the premises can provide watch over contractors and other employees who are supposed to be getting the job done, but not under direct supervision. When a specialist extends a project he or she can get thousands of dollars of revenue out of delays that are not warranted for proper completion. This type of fraud can be a major threat because it can put excess strain on budgets and take projects that are established well and make them unsuccessful. A good hidden camera system can help organizations avoid this problem.

Installing security cameras to overcome fraud
There are two approaches to preventing contractor fraud through the use of cameras. One popular method is to deploy hidden cameras. This may not prevent fraud from happening, but it does enable organizations to properly monitor specialists and identify any behaviors that may be suspicious. This would give you the evidence you need to recoup your losses from the fraud incident and contribute to the community by identifying an organization that is trying to cheat other companies.

Alternately, it can be possible to avoid fraud from the outset by putting clearly visible cameras on the premises so contractors will know they are supervised and be less likely to participate in fraudulent behavior. Having a good camera system in place can function as an effective deterrent because few people will blatantly perform fraud when they know there is a good chance they will be caught.

Avoiding camera fraud
While a good camera system can prevent fraud or help you identify problems, the cameras will not do you much good if the contractor committing fraud is the security company that you hired to get the job done in the first place. Installing a surveillance camera or CCTV solution can be a long and complex process, leaving you exposed to fraud by a security provider that will stall on a project to create more costs.

To overcome this threat, organizations need to do some research. Online review sites, local listing sites that feature user reviews and similar web locations can offer key insights into security providers in a region. Asking for references and performing similar due diligence tasks can help you avoid falling prey to security company fraud.

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