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The Importance of Safes

Recommended safes to ensure belongings are properly protected are imperative to a household’s security plan. Home safes are crucial to this plan to have a safe and secure location for documents, jewelry, cash and other valuables. If a safe is not feasible, cash boxes are also an option to store and protect cash and other small items.
Gun safes are designed especially for guns, but other important objects can also be stored and locked within. Floor safes are a great way to protect items and belongings and are somewhat portable. Wall safes are a more permanent and long term solution for security issues. Fire proof safes not only provide protect for valuables, but also against fire destroying these items.
Equally important to home security is office security, and office safes are an option, not only for commercial businesses, but also for home offices. Depository safes may fit into this category to ensure items deposited into this safe, are always safe and secure, and depending on who has access, once deposited, are secure until retrieved.
A safes catalog is the best way to browse all available safes. Paragon Security NY offers an informative safes catalog and also provides high quality installation and repair services.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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